ABATE of MN's 2018 Legislative Talking Points

No Change to the Adult Motorcycle Helmet Law

The motorcyclists of Minnesota ask that you continue to support the current Minnesota motorcycle helmet law, which requires those under 18 and those on a learners permit to wear a helmet while allowing endorsed adult riders the choice to wear or not to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle. No helmet on the market can prevent a crash. The best way to prevent injuries is to prevent crashes. Crash avoidance and holding those who use our roadways accountable for their actions are the key factors for injury prevention.

Curtail Proļ¬ling of Motorcyclists in Minnesota

SF 22 (Osmek) and HF164 (Drazkowski)  Motorcyclists are frequently stopped by police as they travel simply because they ride a motorcycle or are wearing motorcycle riding apparel. Often these pretext stops are accompanied with the explanation that a traffic infraction has occurred, which is not always the case. In some cases people have been told they are violating a law that does not exist. In other cases the violation cited simply has not occurred. Motorcyclists come from all walks of life and most are law abiding citizens. Please support legislation that assures chief law enforcement officers, at the state and local level, establish and enforce a written policy governing the conduct of peace officers engaged in stops of motorcycle riding citizens. 

Allow Motorcyclists Riding on a Permit to Use the Interstate Freeway System

SF3466 (Kiffmeyer) and HF3997 (Nash) Currently, a rider on a motorcycle permit (does not yet have a motorcycle endorsement on his/her drivers license) cannot ride on an interstate freeway, the safest type of roadway in our state. However riders on permits can ride on 4 lane highways with unrestricted access, intersections, farm machinery, and u-turn traffic at speeds close to freeway speeds (65mph) This antiquated restriction dates to 1975 and no longer makes sense. We should not force permitted riders to use uncontrolled access highways when they have a safer alternative in freeways. We are asking that Minnesota Statute: 169.974, Subd. 2, section (d), number (3) be repealed.

Support Efforts to Reduce Distracted Driving

Minnesota motorcyclists believe distracted driving is a huge problem in our state. We have been on the leading edge of this topic for many years.  In 2015 ABATE of Minnesota supported legislation which made reckless driving causing great bodily harm or death a gross misdemeanor. A much more serious crime than a simple misdemeanor. We continue to pursue the reduction of distracted driving through awareness campaigns and legislative efforts such as SF837 (Carlson) and HF1180 (Uglem).


The ongoing problems of the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) has been a huge problem for motorcyclists. In addition to the long waits for title transfers and license tabs, the difficulties in implementing this new system has essentially shut down the roll out of the ABATE of Minnesota sponsored motorcycle awareness license plate that was approved by the legislature in 2017. The motorcyclists of Minnesota ask you to find a solution to MNLARS as soon as possible so we can get these plates - the only plate that has a motorist awareness message - into the hands of those who would like to purchase them.

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