ABATE's Motorcycle Awareness License Plate Progressing in the House

Today the Minnesota House Transportation Committee heard the ABATE sponsored “Start Seeing Motorcycles” license plate bill (HF533). Unlike many other specialty plates, these plates have a message that would reinforce the importance of driver responsibility when operating a vehicle on our roads and highways. ABATE of Minnesota believes that a subtle reminder to “pay attention” while driving will be beneficial to all roadway users. With the advancements in digital license plate design and manufacture, the costs are minimal. This bill also covers those costs and the use of these plates is totally voluntary for any who choose this option when renewing their vehicle license plates on all road vehicles up to a one ton truck. Motorcycle owners typically own multiple vehicles and we expect these plates to be very popular.

This bill was recommended to be included in the House Transportation omni-bus bill. Stay tuned...

Special thanks to Representative Jim Nash for introducing this bill, Chairman Kelly for hearing it in his committee, and especially ABATE member Mike Berger for testifying before the committee in support. Please thank Mike the next time you see him!