Bill Introduced to Curtail Profiling of Minnesota Motorcyclists

Today HF 59 was introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives. ABATE of Minnesota, working together with a large cross section of active motorcyclists, fully supports this bill and awaits action in the Minnesota Senate. Please contact your Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate legislator and ask that they co-sponsor and support HF59 and the Senate version when available. 

Questions? Contact: Todd @ 952-239-0929 or Mack @ 763-226-9195  (Talking points below)

Motorcyclists are frequently stopped by police as they travel simply because they ride a motorcycle or are wearing motorcycle riding apparel. Often these pretext stops are accompanied with the explanation that a traffic infraction has occurred, which is not always the case. In some cases people have been told they are violating a law that does not exist. In other cases the violation cited simply has not occurred. Motorcyclists come from all walks of life and most are law abiding citizens. They have their travel interrupted on their way to work, family events, meetings, church and other places. Motorcyclists should not be treated differently from other members of the transportation mix. We urge you to pass legislation that assures chief law enforcement officers, at the state and local level, establish and enforce a written policy governing the conduct of peace officers engaged in stops of motorcycle riding citizens.