California Call for Action


Tim Tennimon
Executive Director
ABATE of California

To all freedom fighters,

Our out-of-state brothers and sisters may be our most effective resource
in fighting the motorcycle smog bill SB 435. As it stands as of this
writing, SB 435 has been passed to the Assembly as a SMOG CHECK BILL on
the verbal promise to amend but has not yet been fulfilled. It would
appear that it may go so far as to include all 3 (smog check, noise, and
catalytic converter with random pull over inspection thrown in for good

ABATE of CA is asking all out of state motorcyclists to contact the
Chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee, Mike Eng at phone
916-319-2049 fax  916-319-2149 email and
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at phone 916-445-2841 fax 916-558-3160
email <>  and let them know that if you are
going to be at risk of being singled out and pulled over for exhaust
system inspections when you come to this state then you will choose
another location to spend your vacation dollars, That you urge their no
vote on SB 435.

This must be completed before June 29th.

Unfortunately many laws of this type start in California and spread to
other states, the place to stop it is here and now, then hopefully you
won't have to deal with anything like this in your state.

Thank you for your support,
Tim Tennimon
Executive Director
ABATE of California