Celebrate Freedom – Go for a Ride

I wish all of ABATE of Minnesota’s freedom fighters a very happy Independence Day! As more and more Americans continue to accept a country based on government’s protection of people from themselves, I truly believe that bikers lead the way in understanding what true liberty is. For me and all the motorcyclists I know, to not ride is unthinkable. And to ride under oppressive “one size fits all” mandates is a life less lived.

Thomas Jefferson said “The timid prefer the calm of tyranny to the sea of liberty.”

July 4th is and should be a true celebration of self-determination and freedom. The Founders knew that they would never be truly free until they broke away from the overbearing mandates of the British. And they paid a heavy price for the freedoms we now enjoy.

Let’s honor their actions by rededicating our efforts to keeping the motorcycling liberties we have and defending them in the future.

Many thanks for being an ABATE of Minnesota member and have a great holiday.

Together we will be successful,

Mack Backlund
State Coordinator