Celebrate Freedom – Go for a Ride

I wish all of ABATE of Minnesota’s freedom fighters a very happy Independence Day! As more and more Americans continue to accept a country based on government’s protection of people from themselves, I believe that bikers lead the way in understanding what true liberty is. For me and all the motorcyclists I know, to not ride is unthinkable. And to ride under oppressive “one size fits all” mandates is a life less lived.

July 4th is and should be a celebration of self-determination and freedom. Between rides and celebrations, take time to remember the heroic actions of the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. The First Minnesota was a feared regiment and there are at least two reports that when the enemy saw the colors of the First, they surrendered on the spot. At Gettysburg on July 2nd, 1863, the First received orders that many would interpret as a suicide mission. Already hardened in battle at Bull Run and Antietam (the single bloodiest day of the war), the First was commanded to charge an enemy force at least five times larger to buy time until reinforcements could arrive. Suffering 82% casualties, they held the ground. Gettysburg was a turning point in the war and many believe the First Minnesota saved the battle and also the Union that day.

Let’s honor their actions by rededicating our efforts to keeping the motorcycling liberties we have and defending them in the future. Many thanks for being an ABATE of Minnesota member and have a great holiday.

Together we will be successful,

Mack Backlund

State Coordinator