Don't Forget to Vote in the Minnesota Primary Election

Minnesota’s Primary Election, in which voters of each political party decide who will be on the November General Election ballot, will be held on August 9th, 2016. Most voters will not have a problem going to the polls and casting their vote. But for many, especially Minnesota motorcyclists, the timing of the Primary Election will find them at Sturgis Rally Week or on vacation away from their homes.

In many of Minnesota’s legislative districts there are contested primary elections; Meaning more than one person wants to be on the November election ballot as their political party’s choice. This is a great opportunity for motorcyclists to have input on who will represent their interests at the Minnesota and US legislatures.

In Minnesota, you can vote early by absentee ballot. This is easy and there is no cost. For specific details, go to:

If your legislative district has a contested primary, you have a duty to reach out and ask the candidates if they will support freedom minded motorcyclists, then vote for them. If your legislative district does not have a contested primary, you have a duty to support the candidates you believe will be best for ABATE of Minnesota’s motorcycling rights and safety agenda, and vote for them as a sign of support.

In ABATE of Minnesota’s October issue of Road Noise, we will have a survey of all candidates on the November ballot who answered our survey.

Yours in freedom,