Handicap Motorcycle Plate Bill Passes House Committee

On May 2, 2011, the ABATE of MN supported bill that streamlines the process to acquire a handicap license plate for a motorcycle, passed the House Transportation Committee unanimously and was sent directly to the House floor for approval at a later time. The same action has already been taken in the Senate. This important piece of legislation will lift the burden of subjective approval for a second handicap plate on a motorcycle.
In testimony it was clear to committee members that motorcyclists make up a larger percentage of veterans than the general population in Minnesota. Many of these folks have serious injuries that inhibit mobility but have no effect on the operation of motor vehicles or motorcycles.  And with the tremendous advances in prosthetics, many activities, including motorcycling, are accessible to more and more people who are physically challenged. 
Testifying in support were ABATE Glacial Ridge member Tony Larson, Patriot Guard member Tom McLaughlin (both combat wounded veterans and motorcyclists) and ABATE State Coordinator Mack Backlund. ABATE of Minnesota thanks Representative Shimanski for sponsoring and Chairman Beard for bringing this before the House Transportation Committee.

Mack Backlund
State Coordinator
ABATE of Minnesota