House to Vote on Health Care Legislation

 MRF News Release - House to Vote on Health Care Legislation that could affect motorcyclists.  U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her intent to bring a massive 2000 page 1.3 trillion dollar health care overhaul package to the floor of the U.S. House for a vote.

The vote could come as early as this Saturday afternoon. In an effort to pass a bill prior to the Veterans Day recess, the House is working through the weekend. No matter how you feel about this bill, you should contact your Representatives prior to the vote to let them know your views on this important issue. The bill does not have any negative impact on motorcyclists, specifically, at this point. That could change as a rumor is circling that the Majority will be adding an 800 page amendment the day of the vote that will change every aspect of the printed bill. Unfortunately, the bill doesn't have anything positive for motorcyclists either.

The MRF and the AMA attempted to include language similar to the HIPAA loophole fix in the bill. Both organizations were told the same thing by our rank and file Member of Congress champions, "Leadership is writing the bill, we don't have any input." This was confirmed when leadership refused to even listen to the MRF requests. "It's never productive to write legislation in a vacuum," said Jeff Hennie Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs for the MRF. "Shutting out the other party and even members of their own party does a disservice to the American people and should raise questions and a few eyebrows about this legislation" he added.