Legislative Insurance Proposals Could Cost You Your Ride

HF2242/SF2100 - Motorcycle Insurance Requirements 

Hello Freedom Fighters,

A shot has been fired across our bow and we need to take immediate action. The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance recently released their 2016 Legislative Priorities and we are number two on their list. They are calling for mandatory Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance for motorcycles.

This insurance is expensive. According to my insurance agent if I were to add Personal Injury Protection to my motorcycle policies, my rates would go from $345 per year to $1,895 per year. And here is the kicker: that is only for $20,000 worth of coverage, the current bill calls for $25,000 of coverage. That is per bike, not per rider. Owners of multiple motorcycles would be especially hard hit.

We need to take this threat very seriously. We need all of our members who haven't already done so to contact their insurance agents and ask for a written quote on how much $25,000 of PIP insurance will cost you. If they don't provide that level of insurance get a quote on the highest amount. If they don't offer PIP for motorcycles I need to know that as well.

Lastly, please talk to your chapter about planning a lobbying trip to the State Capitol to discuss this issue and many others with your elected officials. We also need to understand that the Brain Trauma Alliance does wonderful things and they have our respect. But on this issue they are way off base. Their money and efforts would be better served elsewhere.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Stand And Be Counted,

Todd Riba
ABATE of MN Legislative Director