November 4th is Also Election Day at the Federal Level

Hello ABATE members and supporters. We are two weeks away from Election Day. Candidates for Minnesota’s eight US House of Representative seats and one US Senate seat will be desperately seeking your vote during this crucial time. If you are at a town hall meeting or candidate forum before November 4th, please ask the candidates one or more of the questions listed below.

Please send all of the responses that you receive to me so we can track them. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for supporting your motorcycling freedom at the federal level.

Todd Riba, ABATE of MN Legislative Director

(952) 239-0929

1) Would you support or oppose legislation to provide states grants for motorcycle training, driver education, and awareness?


2) Would you support or oppose legislation guaranteeing states the right to make their own decisions regarding motorcycle helmet laws?


3) Would you support or oppose legislation to prohibit federal agencies from funding motorcycle only check points?


4) Would you support or oppose legislation making the gathered information by vehicle event data recorders the property of the vehicle owner?