Opening Day of the 2016 MN Legislative Session

Hello Freedom Fighters,

The kickoff for the 2016 Minnesota Legislative Session is fast approaching and now is the time for action. The first day of session is Tuesday March 8th. The Minnesota Senate and the Minnesota House of Representatives will be in session at noon. This is a great opportunity for bikers to greet elected officials of the Senate and House as they start the session.

Groups opposed to motorcycling freedom, such as the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance will also be at the Capitol pushing their agenda. Motorcyclists who choose to make adult decisions about riding are number two on the Brain Injury Alliance's 2016 legislative priority list. They want us to carry additional costly insurance and ultimately they would like to see us all wear helmets.

Opening day is a great opportunity to walk around and make our presence known. I have to say that at a recent Senate Committee hearing on our Motorcycle Profiling Bill the bikers in the hallway helped politicians who walked by understand that we pay attention, we love our freedom, and we are not going away.

This is a call to all bikers who have the day free or can clear their calendar for the day - Your presence is needed. This will be an informal gathering. We want to have leather clad biker/lobbyists in the halls of the State Office Building and the Senate Office Building.

If you are free that day, please meet Mack on the ground floor of the State Office Building, by the elevators, at 10:30am on Tuesday March 8th.  Mack can be reached at 763-226-9195.

Stand And Be Counted,

Todd Riba

A.B.A.T.E. of MN Legislative Director