Post Election Wrap Up

The big election is in the history books and now that some of the dust has settled we need to take a look at some of the results and we should get to work.

2016 ABATE of MN Candidate Survey Results - Updated 10-28-16

ABATE of MN surveyed the 2016 candidates for the MN House, and MN Senate on motorcycling issues. Only those who responded are listed. If your candidates are not listed, please contact them and ask their views before you vote. Download the results below.

Your Voice + Your Vote = Your Ride

Please take some time to check out the ABATE of Minnesota Candidate Survey in the October issue of Road Noise. If a candidate in your district did not respond, please contact them and find out where they stand on our issues. Please be polite, but firm. When you do get a response, or if you need assistance, call Todd Riba, ABATE of MN Legislative Director, at 952-239-0929.

ABATE's Candidate Survey Needs Your Help

The candidate survey for ABATE of Minnesota’s voters guide, which will be in the October issue of Road Noise and on our web site, has been mailed to every candidate running for Minnesota State Senate and the Minnesota House of Representatives. The survey asks candidates for their opinions on motorcycle helmet laws, motorcycle profiling, and motorcycle insurance issues.

Don't Forget to Vote in the Minnesota Primary Election

Minnesota’s Primary Election, in which voters of each political party decide who will be on the November General Election ballot, will be held on August 9th, 2016. Most voters will not have a problem going to the polls and casting their vote. But for many, especially Minnesota motorcyclists, the timing of the Primary Election will find them at Sturgis Rally Week or on vacation away from their homes.

Great News From the MRF

For Immediate Release

July 14, 2016

Congressional Proposal Introduced Concerning Motorcycle Profiling

WASHINGTON, DC– This week, Representatives Reid Ribble (R-Wisc.) and Tim Walberg (R-Mich.) jointly introduced a resolution concerning the profiling of motorcyclists. H.Res.831, formally titled, “Promoting awareness of motorcycle profiling and encourage collaboration and communication with the motorcycle community and law enforcement officials to prevent instances of profiling” was introduced and referred to the Committee on Judiciary.

Tri-County Chapter's Buddy Bear Delivery in the News

The American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education of Minnesota (ABATE) Tri-County Chapter donated 20 Buddy Bears to Eden Prairie Fire Department Station No. 4 on June 21.

ABATE of Michigan Sets The Record Straight

June 21, 2016

Facts Instead of Fiction on Michigan's Helmet Law Modification

In recent weeks, many advocates of mandatory helmet laws have attacked Michigan’s ADULT CHOICE motorcycle helmet law passed in 2012. In these “reports” the claim is that 40% of riders in fatal crashes were not wearing helmets which means 60% of riders were wearing helmets. More riders died wearing a helmet than without.