Congrats to Fall 2012 Membership Drive Winners

Congratulations to the winners of ABATE of Minnesota’s fall 2012 Chapter Membership Drive Challenge. The chapters with the largest percentage increase in memberships between October 1st and December 31st are:

1st Prize - Banner for your chapter - North Star Chapter with an 18% increase.
2nd Prize - Flag flown over the US Capitol - Lake Chapter with a 15% increase.
3rd Prize - Honorable mention certificate - Northwest Chapter with a 13% increase.
And thanks also to Sand Dunes Chapter who came in fourth with an 11% increase.

MRF News Release - Another Federal Government Agency Gets it Wrong, Again

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12NR32 - MRF News Release - Another Federal Government Agency Gets it Wrong, Again.

30 November 2012

Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Ralations and Public Affairs
Breaking News!

Another Federal Government Agency Gets it Wrong, Again.

Announcing ABATE University 2013

What is ABATE University? ABATE University is our annual conference, held at the Holiday Inn, Alexandria, MN, April 19 through 21 2013, to enlighten and educate motorcyclists about the philosophy and overall objectives of ABATE of Minnesota and provide safety and legislative workshops for all motorcyclists. Other interesting and informative motorcycling related classes will be provided as well.

Only a Few Days Until Election Day

In less than a week voters will go to the polls to elect or re-elect people who will make future descisions about your motorcycling freedoms. It is no secret that ABATE of Minnesota members turn out in higher than average numbers on Election Day. Exercise your power on November 6th. Remember, Your Voice + Your Vote = Your Ride

Ask your riding friends and family to:

Announcing ABATE of Minnesota's Email News

ABATE of Minnesota is happy to offer a new way to receive updates about motorcycling rights and safety. In addition to news that is important to those who ride, ABATE of Minnesota will announce major events and also opportunities to help spread our message throughout the motorcycling community. Sign up is easy on the ABATE of Minnesota web site:

If your email address changes or you no longer wish to receive these messages, just send a note to

Announcing ABATE of Minnesota's Fall Membership Drive

The Chapters with the largest percentage increase in memberships between October 1st and December 31st will win: 1st Prize - Banner for your chapter. 2nd Prize - Flag flown over the US Capitol. 3rd Prize - Honorable Mention. Our riding freedoms continue to be challenged. ABATE of Minnesota will need all freedom minded bikers on board to be successful in 2013. There has never been a better time to sign up new members. Best of luck to all! For more info, contact Tom Buffington, ABATE of Minnesota Membership Chair, at 507-383-7068 or

Helmet Question on State Fair Survey

Going to the State Fair? Be sure to stop by the Minnesota House and Senate booth in the back of the Education building and fill out the legislative survey. Question #4 is: "Should Minnesota motorcyclists be required to wear helmets?" Vote no and tell all your family and friends who attend to do the same. The results of these surveys have been used to form policy in past years. Many politicians from both parties are there to answer questions about the legislative process.

Celebrate Freedom – Go for a Ride

I wish all of ABATE of Minnesota’s freedom fighters a very happy Independence Day! As more and more Americans continue to accept a country based on government’s protection of people from themselves, I truly believe that bikers lead the way in understanding what true liberty is. For me and all the motorcyclists I know, to not ride is unthinkable. And to ride under oppressive “one size fits all” mandates is a life less lived.

Thomas Jefferson said “The timid prefer the calm of tyranny to the sea of liberty.”

Congress Clears Highway Bill

29 June 2012

Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs
Motorcycle Riders Foundation

Congress Clears Highway Bill

As reported by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation in a previous release, the US Congress has passed the much anticipated highway funding legislation.

The bill soared through both chambers this afternoon. Both chambers did have some nay votes, all coming from Republicans because of a few riders that were attached concerning student loan rates and the national flood insurance program.