SF986 and HF1085 Introduced in Minnesota Legislature

Recently, ABATE of Minnesota sponsored legislation was introduced in the Minnesota House and Senate to strengthen the penalties for those who kill or cause great bodily harm to others while driving in a negligent manner when drugs and alcohol are not factors. ABATE of Minnesota fully supports holding road users responsible for their thoughtless decisions and believes these offenses should be raised to the level of gross misdemeanor.  Currently, these offenders can only be charged with a simple misdemeanor, unless a felony level of intent can be proven (extremely difficult).

SF986HF1085 provide the long sought middle ground when traffic crashes caused by careless driving result in death or great bodily harm. It also removes the term “reckless driving” from statute. Currently careless and reckless driving are the exact same misdemeanor crime with the exact same misdemeanor penalty. One just sounds worse than the other.

This legislation gives the prosecutor the three options we have long wanted to address irresponsible driving in Minnesota: misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felony. Please call your Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate member to ask for their support of SF986and HF1085. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Todd Riba, Minnesota Legislative Director, at 952-239-0929 or toddriba@gmail.com

Thank you,

Mack Backlund

State Coordinator

ABATE of Minnesota