Star and Tribune Supports ABATE of MN Legislation

The Star and Tribune, Minnesota's largest newspaper, now supports ABATE of MN's increased penalties for careless driving position (see below). Major changes in law take time. ABATE of MN started the discussion on this at an early Bikerday at the Capitol and we have gathered more supporters every year. Keep the pressure on and when it passes in 2011, feel good that it was ABATE of MN who got the ball rolling several years ago.

Mack Backlund

State Coordinator


"Establish a middle-ground careless-driving charge. Prosecutors have two choices for charging out accidents like Lee's. There's the felony criminal vehicular homicide charge, which can be difficult to prove. Their only other option: careless driving, the equivalent of running a stop sign. It's too big a gap. A gross misdemeanor charge, which could lead to a one-year jail sentence, is needed. The Minnesota County Attorneys Association will likely press for this change in the upcoming legislative session. Lawmakers should heed their concerns and act quickly."