Update on Senate File 201


SF201, the companion to HF68, was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 1st. Regrettably, our bill to increase the penalty for careless driving when a death occurs was tabled in a motion offered by Sen. Julianne Ortman.  This was not debatable and the voice vote seemed divided but no one called for a roll call. Quite a shocking development given that Senator Ortman has voiced support for this legislation in the past. If you disagree with tabling this bill please contact Senator Ortman at 651-296-4837 or sen.julianne.ortman@senate.mn and respectfully ask that she reconsider her opposition to SF201. This bill can be taken from the table for further consideration if we can satisfy some of the questions posed by Ortman. While this can certainly be viewed as a negative development, we are working hard to establish common ground with those opposed and will update you with any new progress. We are in a good position in the House and will continue our efforts in the Senate.