UPDATED - Motorcycle Profiling Hearing Scheduled for February 22nd

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Hello Freedom Fighters,

Minnesota State Senator Latz will be holding an informational Judiciary Committee hearing on February 22, 2016, to discuss the motorcycle profiling bill. The hearing is scheduled to start at 9:00 am in room 1200 at the new Senate Office Building.

We need to fill the committee room with freedom fighters so please do whatever you can now to make arrangements to attend this meeting. Motorcycle profiling is wrong so we need to send a strong message by attending this meeting. This is more than just a profiling bill, a huge turnout will make a statement of unity and strength. We have several issues facing us this legislative session and this is an opportunity to show our resolve and dedication to our freedom of the road.

We have testifiers lined up, we need freedom loving bikers in attendance to show our support. Please consider attending this meeting, your attendance will show elected officials in St. Paul that we love our freedom, we pay attention, and we are not going away. Let’s take a stand for freedom of the road and safety and flood the hearing room.

Stay tuned for more details and Stand And Be Counted,

Todd Riba
ABATE of MN Legislative Director