Urgent Action Needed on ABATE’s License Plate Bill

The ABATE of Minnesota sponsored “Start Seeing Motorcycles” license plate bill (HF533/SF98) is under consideration in the large transportation bill currently being debated by the Transportation Conference Committee. Last night they took a show of hands on if this bill should be included into law. All House members voted in favor. Unfortunately, every Senate member voted against (even though at least two have expressed support to ABATE members). If you want this common sense motorcycling awareness language to become law YOU NEED TO ACT TODAY. Call the Senate Transportation Conferees listed below. Ask them to change their mind on this important legislation. If after hours, leave a message.

DO IT TODAY – there is very little time left to act. Talking points on the bill are listed below.

Questions? Call:

Mack – 763-226-9195

Todd – 952-239-0929


Chairman Dibble: 651-296-4191

Senator Schmit: 651-296-4264

Senator Jensen: 651-296-9457

Senator Hawj: 651-296-5285

Senator Kent: 651- 296-4166

Senator Majority Leader Bakk: 651-296-8881

“Unlike many other specialty plates, these plates have a message that would reinforce the importance of driver responsibility when operating a vehicle on our roads and highways. ABATE of Minnesota believes that a subtle reminder to “pay attention” while driving will be beneficial to all roadway users. With the advancements in digital license plate design and manufacture, the costs are minimal. This bill also covers those costs and the use of these plates is totally voluntary for any who choose this option when renewing their vehicle license plates on all road vehicles up to a one ton truck. Motorcycle owners typically own multiple vehicles and we expect these plates to be very popular.”