January 25th – The Most Important Day of the Year for Minnesota Motorcyclists

ABATE of Minnesota’s 12th annual Bikerday at the Minnesota State Capitol will be held on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.  If you are attending Bikerday, be sure to register before January 10th. By registering, ABATE volunteers will provide you with Bikerday talking points when you arrive at the Capitol and also arrange for you to meet with your  State Senator and State Representative. Bus transportation is provided from around the state. By the busload and individually, ABATE members, club members, motorcycling groups and independent riders will walk into the Capitol to make sure their voice is heard. Your presence is crucial to protect your rights and safety as a Minnesota motorcyclist.

On January 25, 2017, from 8:15 to 9:00am, we will assemble in the Minnesota State Capitol L' Etoile du Nord Vault (a beautiful new room in the Capitol basement). You will receive a packet containing talking points on the ABATE of Minnesota legislative agenda and the time and room number for meeting with your Senator and Representative or staff. Starting at 9:15am we will hear from many key people in Minnesota politics in the Minnesota Capitol Rotunda. Office visits are scheduled throughout the day for attendees to meet with those who represent them. At 1:30pm we will assemble on the steps of the Capitol for a group picture before the buses leave at 2:00pm.

Bikerday at the Capitol would not be possible without the many contributions made by individuals and groups who support motorcycling freedom in Minnesota. If you or your group would like to contribute, contact ABATE of Minnesota at stateoffice@abatemn.org or 1-800-224-6570. Also, Bikerday pins are available for $3, plus $1 shipping, with all proceeds supporting Bikerday.

If you can’t attend you can still help: Call or send a letter of support to your legislators.

This will be a great day for Minnesota motorcycling freedom - Don't miss it.

We need you there – You need you there - Be there – Do it for you.

For more information email stateoffice@abatemn.org or call 1-800-224-6570.

Check www.abatemn.org often for updated information often.