2017 ABATE U Schedule


6:00 pm      State Rally Meeting
7:00 pm      Gambling Meeting
7-10 pm      Conceal and Carry Permit Class
8:00 pm      Pre-Board Meeting


8:00 am       Officer Training
9:00 am       Board Meeting
7:30-noon   Intermediate Motorcycle Riders Training
9:00-noon   Road Guard Training
8am-1pm    Conceal and Carry Permit Cont.
1:30pm        End Silent Auction (or 30 minutes after BOD meeting ends)
2-3 pm         You, Me and the Highway
3-4 pm         Looking thru the Bikini
4-5 pm         MC/MRO Know the difference
5:45              Best Dressed Judging
6:00 pm       Dinner Banquet with Keynote Speaker Bill Shaffer
7:00 pm       Live Auction
9:00 pm       Trike Races


9am-noon    IRC Rider's Course
9am-2pm     Road Guard Training